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Grand opening is considered as an important stepping stone for the operation and development of the business. A successful launching event not only needs to be celebrated but also attracts public attention and maximizes product reach to potential customers. To do this requires the event organizer to have a professional crew, a detailed plan and a thorough preparation in five steps.
1. Identify who attends the grand opening want to
Prior to the opening ceremony, should list the business object to invite to attend.
Grand opening is not only an opportunity to reach customers but also opportunities to expand relations and cooperation with potential partners in the future. You can take a moment to invite guests to visit the new business location, giveaway sample products. By asking their thoughts after looking, touching, using, feeling, you will gather valuable feedback.
Identify invited guests to the grand opening


Trying to invite local authorities to show respect.
Finally, do not forget to let the media know that your business is a brand new business unit in the area. This will create a very good spread effect before and after the event without any cost.


Invite the media to the grand opening to promote, communication for the event
2. Determine how the grand opening will be held
There are many ways to organize the grand opening such as: organization of pizza party, party red carpet … In which, party organization is the approach to the potential customers, partners and media agencies best. There is “betel nut is the beginning of the story”, through which you can indirectly introduce products or services more easily.



3. Budget for the grand opening
Make a list of the items in the details and make sure that these are in line with the budget for the opening ceremony. After listing your budget, consider whether the initial budget was adequate. Should the size of the event need to be reduced to ensure budget? But the most important thing is when the event takes place to create a good impression with customers and partners.
4. Build a timeline for the grand opening plan
You should expect at least 2-3 months before the event. After setting up the launch event, assign clear assignments for each employee and have a specific deadline. Create checklists to make sure no one has a reason for forgetting the assignment.
If you have the condition, you should run the program to train the staff to follow the process, at the same time to understand the errors that can occur, avoid falling into a situation when the problem occurred during the nest. dozen.
5. Build a perfect marketing strategy
Opening ceremony is just the beginning of the long-term marketing strategy of the business. Along with the preparation process for the launch, build a solid marketing plan. For new businesses, there are several ways to save money:
─ Hand out flyers, booklets, brochures
─ Place posters, advertising signs
─ Use social networking
─ Trial products
─ Collect ideas from relatives, friends, colleagues …
Use Facebook social networking for event communication
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