In addition to celebrations and gratitude – customer conferences, there are businesses also organize gala dinner. This great event is held annually on their year-end occasions. This event is often aimed at customer gratitude, gratitude staff. This is a form of non-hugely internal events such as celebrations or bold commercials such as gratitude – customer conferences. With gala dinner, entertainment to connect people is enhanced. Throughout the program there are many repertoire and small games to help people become closer to each other.

Gala dinner is organized as well, the more quality the relationship between the staff in the company, the company and the customer will be as good as possible, creating opportunities for further work to develop. Therefore, this event should also be focused investment.

CCEVENTS Trading Co., Ltd would like to introduce to you the gala dinner service. CCEVENTS focuses on the preparation phase of the program and ensures that the event is held successfully.


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