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Organizing conference, seminar is a popular event nowadays. There are plenty types of conference or seminar, such as technology conference, sale conference, marketing seminar, etc.
It is a long process to organize a conference or seminar; you have to prepare a lot of things like documents, guest lists, venue search, etc. And these steps are not easy.
Understanding the needs of customers, CCEVENTS Service Trading Co.,Ltd pleased provide the service of organizing conference, seminar with experienced staff (supervisors, PGs, MC,…) and modern equipment (backdrop, standee, banderol, light and sound…) for our customers. We will make your conference attractive and impressive.
We will take care your conference from A to Z; sending mails, searching places for event, setting up light and sound, backdrop, standee,… we will work hard with every detail.
Work with slogan “A passion to perfect” – CCEVENTS commitment to give our customers a quality service with professionalism and efficiency.








For more information, please contact:
CCEVENTS CO., LTD – “A passion to perfect”
Hotline: (08) 6861 6857 – 0938 737 857
Email: info@ccevents.vn
Website: ccevents.vn
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