Festivals are cultural events, which are held for social purposes like connecting people, entertainment, educating everyone about a country’s tradition, etc. They contain many collective activities.
It’s very important to hold a festival because it relates cultural tradition. The concept, decoration, activities, games; everything must be connected and exact. Organizing a matsuri event (a type of event of Japanese event) with some factors of Western culture may cause many unforgettable mistakes.
Understanding the needs of customers, CCEVENTS Service Trading Co.,Ltd pleased provide the service of organizing festival with experienced staff (supervisors, PGs, MC,…) and modern equipment (backdrop, standee, banderol, light and sound…) for our customers. We will make your festival attractive and impressive the best.




Colourfully dressed people parade along the street in what is billed as the "World's largest Halloween Parade" in West Hollywood, Los Angeles on October 31, 2009. The streets of US cities and towns were filled with zombies, vampires and worse, as children clad in sometimes-fearsome costumes went door to door in search of candy handouts in the annual ritual of "trick-or-treating." Not everyone sees Halloween as good, wholesome fun, however. Complaints about costumes deemed as Satanic, creepy or culturally insensitive have led a growing number of churches, schools and community groups to replace Halloween festivities with "fall festivals" featuring costume parades and party celebrations stripped of all associations to monsters, goblins and witches. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)



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